At Incite Video, we prioritise flexibility to meet your needs. We offer the option to schedule a Teams/Zoom call, communicate over the telephone, or engage via email. Feel free to choose the method that best suits your preferences.

Certainly! To expedite the process, please get in touch with your detailed brief, including any deadlines. We will respond to your inquiry promptly.

Payments are typically divided into two instalments: a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% upon delivery. However, we accommodate upfront payments for those who prefer this option.

We recognise that projects evolve, and we can adjust accordingly. Whether you need additional edits or an increased crew, please inform us, and we will accommodate your changing needs.

The quantity of equipment and crew depends on the nature of the shoot. We can discuss options beforehand to address any concerns. On location, unused equipment will be stored securely out of sight.

The duration varies based on the project. For example, we can often film approximately 15 short scripts in a day in a controlled environment with a professional presenter. For accurate timeframes, please contact us and we’ll provide detailed assistance.

It’s essential to look your best on screen. We recommend avoiding heavy patterns and bold colours. Keep your look simple, consider brand colours, and refrain from wearing any green if filming on a green screen.

While we prioritise video, photography can be included in our packages upon request. If interested, please inform us in advance to incorporate this service into your quote.

Yes, we always film in 4K for optimal quality. However, we can provide exports in 1080p High Definition if preferred.

Typically, we aim to complete edits within 2-4 weeks, but this can be discussed during your consultation. We have the option for express editing if required. Animation projects may take longer due to the nature of the format.

Closed captioning can be added to your package, delivered as burnt-in captions or separate SRT files based on your preference. Please mention the need for captioning during your consultation.

Absolutely! Our in-house motion graphics experts can create custom animated graphics reflecting your brand identity or incorporate existing high-resolution assets if you have any.

Clients receive two rounds of standard amendments. We recommend all project managers review the initial edit before providing feedback to streamline the process. Most of the changes should be made in the first round, with the second round of amends being reserved for minor tweaks. 

If you find that you still would like to amend the project, please talk to us and we can work out options to help fall within budget.

Completed projects are shared digitally through SharePoint or Links will expire after a 3-month period.

As a standard practice, we do not provide clients with the full raw footage.

At Incite Video, we do not delete raw footage. We store footage from shoots safely across a long-term storage system and we add to this annually. 

Working with us regularly is a fantastic way of building a library of content for future use. This also means that we can help to update your content if your video becomes outdated due to changes in policy or terminology. We will have all the pieces of the project safely stored for you.

Determining the cost of video production is a crucial aspect of the planning process. The pricing for production varies based on the scale of your project. For a comprehensive understanding, we have written a blog which provides insights into the variables involved.

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